Balanced Living with Young Living

The journey of learning and sharing at the highest level, the best holistic options for total wellness I can offer my clients is exciting. Over 30 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist with my company Optimum Health for Life has taught me how I can most effectively empower each client during their relaxation time and beyond. After researching, I chose Young Living Essential Oils to partner with, 15 years ago, then continue my knowledge through the years. They are the only oil essential oil company that owns their own farms globally. Their commitment to superior standards is evident in the® guarantee that the oils have the highest quality in sourcing, science and standards from their state of the art Spanish Fork Lab in Utah. That each essential oil harvested and distilled, rigorously goes through 15 different tests, and then repeated three times speaks volumes to me. Discarding millions of dollars of oils each year that do not make the grade is equally remarkable.

WHAT IS AN ESSENTIAL OIL – the plants they come from whether the seed, flower, root or bark is the exact essence, life force, (like our blood) that has kept the plant healthy through weather, trauma or drought conditions. Most are extracted by steam distillation or cold pressed for citrus oils with keen attention to temperatures and pressure applied during the process.  It is an exact science, not random.


Topically – dropped onto the skin, the largest organ, neat or straight from the bottle or mixed with a carrier oil, in Epsom salt baths, in a massage oil or through the use of a roll on of oils

Inhaling – via the diffuser of oils placed into it to scent/clear a room, or inhaling from the bottle, or DIY nasal inhaler, within an oil infused Epsom salt bath, or a DIY room spray or body lotion

Internally – only via the 47 Young Living VitalityTM line of oils for food/water flavoring or as a dietary supplement that is FDA approved. Marinating fruit, meats or veggies becomes easy and creative


Single Oils – Lavender, Orange, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Valerian, Roman Chamomile, Geranium

Blends – Peace and CalmingTM, ValorTM, TranquilTM, RutavalaTM & Stress AwayTM roll-ons (my favs)


My Young Living website is a treasure trove of essential oil education to begin your journey of learning with eyes wide open as to just why plant based cleaning, baby, nutritional, dental, pet care products, along with the mineral based makeup line Savvy MineralsTM and ART® Skin Care support total health, minus the harsh chemicals and toxins.

One most effective and simple way to begin is with the 2019 PSK with Desert Mist Diffuser and the 12 Premium Essential Oils Collection. Retail, wholesale and professional accounts for hospitals, doctors and wellness providers are available.

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